Metal Detectors: Cost Effective, Easy-to-Implement Security for Public Facilities, Events and Law Enforcement in Atlanta

At ALT Security Solutions, security is our business. We provide a comprehensive selection of professional security products and services for businesses and residents of Atlanta and the surrounding area. 

The need for public safety measures like metal detectors is an unfortunate part of modern society. But with security threats continuing to evolve and grow, public officials have a responsibility to protect citizens wherever there may be risk from physical threats associated with metal objects. 

Metal detectors are used nationwide to protect government buildings, military installations, courthouses, municipal buildings, law enforcement agencies, data centers, financial institutions, event venues and more.

Planning ahead and being prepared to head off potentially dangerous situations is always our recommendation. We understand that security needs are different for every client, and our security experts at ALT Security Solutions will work with you to determine the ideal metal detection solution for your Atlanta application.

Comprehensive Protection for Public Spaces 

We offer a complete product line of advanced metal detection products to secure the access points at government buildings, financial institutions, transportation terminals, museums, schools, concerts, nightclubs, large scale events, sports stadiums and more. 

 ALT Security Solutions offers walk-through, hand-held and ground search metal detection products. Each type of metal detector has its own unique features and applications.

Walk-through Metal Detectors
Walk-through detectors are available in various configurations, with multiple zones that identify target locations from head to toe on left, center and right sides of the body. Self-diagnostics ensure that these machines are always accurately calibrated, without the need for human intervention. These detectors meet Transportation Security Administration (TSA) standards.

Our walk-through metal detectors are designed for maximum flow rate without compromising security, so that your security team can maintain patron flow rate and avoid holding up guests or employees at the entrance to your Atlanta venue. They offer extremely high discrimination of personal metal objects like watches, belts and coins, to minimize the incidence of nuisance alarms.

These machines are quick and easy to deploy, with no wires to deal with. A security checkpoint can be set up in minutes, or moved to another location at a moment’s notice.

 Hand-held Metal Detectors
ALT Security Solutions provides hand wand and scanner metal detection products for law enforcement, airports, public buildings and large events. These hand-held metal detectors feature uniform sensitivity and tip pinpointing, to detect weapons and other metal objects with extreme accuracy. These rugged, lightweight units also feature audible and silent vibrating alarm options, and extended battery life.

Ground Search Metal Detectors
This type of metal detector is useful in identifying commonly sought targets in crime scene investigations including all types of metal, such as brass, lead, cartridge shells and foil. Our ground search units offer all-terrain versatility for metallic crime scene evidence recovery over ground, in the mud, in the surf, or underwater to depths of up to 200 feet. 

Building Access Control
 Provide your Atlanta clients with peace of mind, by enabling them to allow only authorized individuals access into their buildings and secure facilities. Having a professional access control solution in place addresses many of the issues that come with having traditional security doors, including managing and replacing lost keys, and having to manually staff building entrances.

ALT Security Solutions offers access control systems, security vestibules, mantrap security doors and security entrances governed by programmable logic controllers (PLCs). These robust controllers are programmed to operate interlocking doors with proprietary access codes. Doors can be secured with either a latch and strike, or magnetic lock.

Metal Detector Applications

  • Law Enforcement 
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Public Buildings
  • Loss Prevention – precious metals, jewelry, electronics
  • Event Security – concerts, sporting events, festivals
  • Transportation – airports, transit stations, ports, cruise lines
  • Court and Correctional Facilities 
  • Military Bases
  • School Campuses
  • Data Centers
  • Cargo and Mail Screening

Your Trusted Security Provider in Atlanta

ALT Security Solutions is committed to offering the highest level of security to businesses, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and citizens in Atlanta. Our comprehensive line of metal detectors is designed to handle any type and size of security application. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Atlanta facility and visitors are protected. Contact the experts at ALT Security Solutions today!